ELSEWHERE | A Photocollage of 19th Century Black & White Photo-chromes

Elsewhere is a journey to the land that once was, the land, the place that lives in our imagination. This visual research looks through images to discover their hidden realities.  

These are black and white photochrome images from 19th century historic Palestine, with a few pictures from Syria and Lebanon, mechanically coloured in the past to give them a sense of reality. Sabella reconstructed the different scenes, recreating the feeling of the place as if one traveled through a time machine and was suddenly present.

Elsewhere consists of 20 plates of history. Like The Great March of Return, Elsewhere is the Renaissance of culture and life constantly under erasure. Yet, the spirit of the place and its people will always be alive and transcend reality. 


a constellation of 20 artworks
A collector edition of 6 + 2AP 
70/70 cm
mounted on matt diasec

Palestinian Art. Art on Historic Palestine
stay tuned, the book is coming soon!


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